Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 31

The Doctors Dirtbike!  The future ain’t what it oughtta be, huh fellas?

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  1. Kyle

    Motorcycle gang drive by needle injections is absolutely my number one fear in life.
    Wait. No. Prison Rape. Prison rape and THEN the motorcycle needle stabbing.

  2. billso

    Braff. RipItUpazine. Heh.

  3. fourthingsandalizard

    I like how his syringe has built in spiked knuckles.

  4. monkeynifefight

    One of you claimed to have never seen the show Scrubs a while back, and now you’ve named a character Braff. Just admit you love Scrubs! We all know the true reference here.

  5. Chad Bowers

    Monkeynifefight (if that is your real name),

    The patient’s name isn’t Braff. We weren’t lying about not having seen Scrubs, but we are still aware that it exists AND that an actor named Zach Braff “impersonates a doctor” on said television show. Doc Tredd’s “Braff” is meant as an insult. Perhaps I should’ve gone with Alda or Clooney, but Braff seemed funnier somehow.

  6. Velarn

    Dat alt text….

  7. deebeemonster

    I hope that you guys are kissing Mr. Digges butt all the time because man he delivers the goods!

  8. Steve

    I love the warhammer reference! Great comic all around.

  9. Jenny Creed

    I’m surprised they don’ have a gun with a dial to select different medicines for ballistic injection, called “Curegiver”.