Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 58

And we’re back!

Thanks to everyone sticking with us through our little break, and a super special thanks to our pal Christopher Hastings of Dr. McNinja, who shouted us out when he introduced his latest and greatest creation, Dr. McLuchador.  Now get ready for the latest and greatest twists and turns as we press on to the end of Forever! Find out Thursday what Judith says!  Will it be the wedding of the century… or the greatest heartbreak of all time?!

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  1. monkeyknifefight

    Worth the wait you guys.

  2. Zero00430

    WOO!! Thanks to Dr. McNinja’s shout out, I just this weekend found out about, and caught up with Awesome Hospital. And now it comes back just two days after I finish reading up till now. I am gonna go buy a lottery ticket!!

  3. Sterl

    ^ What Zero said. Awesome Hospital is as awesome as its name!

  4. ShadowWing Tronix

    Please say yes, Judith. It’s the best way to deal with Dr Ex-Girlfriend, it’s good for your child, and I just like happy endings.

    Plus you have to figure an Awesome Hospital wedding would be quite a sight.

  5. drfreex

    *sniff* Welcome back. I missed you guys.

  6. Nikademus

    Wicked comic, Proscribed by Dr McNinja and have to say the prescription was good.

  7. Mea


    I hope she says “yes” too.