Awesome Hospital Forever, Page 60

Sorry for the late update today, everyone!  We’re fighting off a few Awesomaladies ourselves here at the offices.

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  1. HydrogenGuy

    I hear Mike channeling Solomon Stone in panel 2, and OMAC in panel 3.

  2. Pat

    SOLOMAC Stone had better be in the next Amalgam relaunch.

  3. Steve

    Look how focused Mike is. One moment of emotions, then BAM, right back to his task. I can see why he was such a successful surgeon.

  4. Oz

    Is a certain hospital jealous?

  5. Steven Boats

    Just finished reading the comic up to here, cool stuff man.

  6. Lee X. Cooper

    if they are trying to get people to buy them, y would they tell them they were bad? OF COURSE THEY R GOING 2 TELL PPL ALL KINDS OF BULL ABOUT HOW GOOD THEY ARE! are you that ignorant? cigarettes are bad. period. and no, its not awesome.